Business valuation

The frequency of business valuation services

Learning the value of a business is a crucial step in making everyday business and financial decisions, as well as in making strategic development decisions, for both the owners and the management, as well as the capital providers and other business partners.

Valuation is of particular importance in transaction processes as it is fundamental for determining the transaction price. For this reason, having updated, complete and unbiased information on the value of the target is of critical importance – for both the buyer and the seller.

We approach every valuation process individually, paying particular attention to applying the most appropriate approach and methodology while avoiding the valuation process automation and standardisation.

The very valuation process combines the knowledge of methodology norms with the valuator’s experience, that is, the objective elements with the subjective ones, where the latter most often refer to assumptions under which the valuation is being performed. Hence, the valuation is deemed neither a science nor an art, but simply a skill or even better, a craft. Despite always keeping a professional and unbiased approach, it is vital to know who performs the valuation, how, when and why it is performed.

Our continuous improvement, the large number of valuations performed, as well as our status of independent valuators, place us among the connoisseurs of our trade, qualified to perform very complex valuations. Our extensive experience in providing expert and independent opinions are the base of numerous sale, buy, investment and other decisions.

What services do we offer?

BSG was instrumental in helping us improve our company’s controlling. We were able to significantly improve our company operations and working process control, and thereby achieved better company performances with a rationalisation of the resource utilisation.

Karlo Pavela
Founder and CEO, Termodinamika d.o.o.

The BSG Advisory team led the entire process of selling the Bontech shares to a foreign multinational company, at the highest professional level, and achieving the best sale conditions.

Tonči Kosor
Founder, Bontech Research CO d.o.o.

BSG Advisory played a key role in solving an almost dead-end situation suffered by AC Ivančić following a financial crisis. Today we are among the few that performed the business and financial restructuring successfully, without undergoing a preliminary liquidation proceeding.

Željko Ivančić
Founder and CEO, AC Ivančić d.o.o.