Controlling and other services

The frequency of our controlling services

Controlling is the process of tracking and reporting on financial and business results, that is, the overall internal control of the company’s activities and business performance, conducted for the purpose of achieving the company’s set goals. Controlling is also the professional support provided to the owner and management when making strategic and operative business decisions.

Controlling services are required when 1) you are not sure where and when your costs arise and how profitable certain areas of your business are; 2) you are unable to efficiently measure your own success (key performance indicators – KPIs) due to the increased complexity of the business; 3) you have the feeling that you are losing control over your cash flow; 4) or you are unable to plan your business future in sufficient detail and with accuracy.

If your company has grown to a level where you cannot control your business anymore, you have an issue with the control function, that is, the lack of control over the financial aspects of your business.

Other services at the controlling frequency

What other services do we provide?

We are focused on building long-term relationships with our clients, aimed at the realisation of your ambitions regarding growth and increasing your values. We have a vast experience in investment banking, managerial advising, preparing expert analyses and studies, which allows us to provide objective strategic advice to your supervising board, board of directors and yourselves as the company owners, and in relation to a wide scope of business issues including 1) defining corporate strategies, 2) redefining the business model and the production portfolio, 3) the selection of growth models (organic or inorganic), 4) managing the company capital – optimisation of the capital structure aimed at minimising the capital costs within the given limits, 5) positioning in the capital market and communication with the wider investing community, and 6) formulating strategies of relationship with investors and corporate communications with key stakeholders.

If you are in an early stage of development (start-up) and require risk capital, or are running a mature company requiring development capital, that is, fresh capital as a part of financial restructuring due to difficulties in business operations – we are ready to help you in the process of satisfying your capital requirements. Our membership in associations such as Cross Border Association and Corporate Finance in Europe enables us to approach a large number of digital platforms designed for the exchange of investment opportunities, making contacts in the investment banking industry, family offices and HNWIs. This enables us to help you widen your own reach and increase the chances of succeeding in procuring the required funds, while at the same time receiving professional assistance and security in gaining the best possible financing terms.

If you are starting a new business project, expanding your existing capacities or going through a financial restructuring process, and you require external sources of capital, we can help you with your contacts with banks, the selection of the best loan conditions available, and the process of submitting the loan application. Our excellent relationships with local banks and our understanding of banking risks are advantages which additionally increase the chances of a successful application and a high-quality presentation of your requirements.

If you need development capital for a project matching certain tender conditions published by the state or EU funds, we can help you with procuring grants by preparing your project proposal, completing the documentation and managing the entire tender application process. For our clients, both from public and private sectors, we have made a number of particularly successful grant applications in the fields of science, innovations, processing industry and agriculture. When rendering these services, we are oriented towards more demanding and larger projects.

Restructuring, optimisation, or business expansion may create requirements for making status changes such as mergers, acquisitions, division, company forms or carve-outs. Our experts’ experience in conducting these in line with legal requirements might be of even greater value to you, due to our approach to this kind of service, which includes prior methodical analyses and scrutinization of the optimal status change, both on the strategic level and from the taxation standpoint.

As particularly sensitive and demanding procedures, concession tenders require not only familiarity with the tender process and the correct reading of the tender documentation, but also experience in determining the most competitive tender conditions, which are of key importance in being granted the concession. By drafting high standard, market-based empirical studies that result in an economically justifiable concession price discovery, we help you submit tender winning bids, while guiding you through the entire tender application process.

These are services we primarily render to the clients in the services sector and almost exclusively to the clients we have consulted before. They include a high-quality and non-standard scope of services where, in addition to standard accounting services, we provide bookkeeping, as well as basic tax harmonisation advice. We render accounting services also to foreign company owners, offering them registered office address, mailing, invoicing, payments executions, maintaining the Register of Shares, etc.

The key creative part of our activities is developing investment projects, often outside the standard investment forms practiced by the fund industry. In doing this we use our own financial and investment knowledge and our own network of acquaintances and collaborators, relying on our deep understating of the local market and its opportunities, as well as the continuous keeping up with the global macro trends, all this aimed at creating unique investible projects attractive to both domestic and foreign investors of different investor profiles.

Thanks to the BSG Advisory team for their expertise and flawlessly executed takeover process, which is in the best interest of both parties

Igor Draskovic
President, Draco

BSG was instrumental in helping us improve our company’s controlling. We were able to significantly improve our company operations and working process control, and thereby achieved better company performances with a rationalisation of the resource utilisation.

Karlo Pavela
Founder and CEO, Termodinamika d.o.o.

The BSG Advisory team led the entire process of selling the Bontech shares to a foreign multinational company, at the highest professional level, and achieving the best sale conditions.

Tonči Kosor
Founder, Bontech Research CO d.o.o.