financial advisory

The frequency of our financial advisory services

Through our professional financial advice, we aim to improve your company’s financial position, or to contribute to the realization or implementation of your project or idea. We adjust our work and engagement to specific requirements, whether your situation requires a creative solution or just an answer to a particular question or request. In both cases, our task is to profoundly understand your problem or need and to provide professional opinion, grounding it on a particular study, analysis or model, regardless of the sector or industry concerned, and regardless of whether the issue in question involves current operations, strategic investments or organisational and status changes.

With more demanding tasks, where an overall more creative solution is required, our problem-solving financial advice goes through the following phases – 1) analysis of the current financial status; 2) identification of the potential improvement areas; 3) providing recommendation with solutions; 4) assistance with implementation of recommended solutions; and 5) measuring effects. By controlling the entire process – from diagnosis to the evaluation of measure-implementation success, we are in the position to apply a non-standard compensation scheme, implying sharing the risk with our clients, and thereby linking our commission to your success. This unique approach makes us dependent on the quality of our own advice and thus enables us to shift from the role of external advisor and replace it with a position as our client’s and their project’s natural extension.

From our own entrepreneurial experience, we know how to recognize both success and failure in practice, while our academic background allows us to know what they are like in theory. We believe the combination of entrepreneurial practice and theory, together with our long-term advising experience, qualify us to share our knowledge and provide opinions to our clients.

With regard to standard on-demand services, we apply well-established and familiar solutions learned from decades of experience in preparing financial models, studies and analyses for clients from both the private and the government sector. We believe this qualifies us to provide high quality financial advice, aimed at improving your financial position, but at the same time at controlling the risks and finding your successful business frequency.

What standard services do we offer?

BSG was instrumental in helping us improve our company’s controlling. We were able to significantly improve our company operations and working process control, and thereby achieved better company performances with a rationalisation of the resource utilisation.

Karlo Pavela
Founder and CEO, Termodinamika d.o.o.

The BSG Advisory team led the entire process of selling the Bontech shares to a foreign multinational company, at the highest professional level, and achieving the best sale conditions.

Tonči Kosor
Founder, Bontech Research CO d.o.o.

BSG Advisory played a key role in solving an almost dead-end situation suffered by AC Ivančić following a financial crisis. Today we are among the few that performed the business and financial restructuring successfully, without undergoing a preliminary liquidation proceeding.

Željko Ivančić
Founder and CEO, AC Ivančić d.o.o.